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Five decades ago Mr.M.RAJENDRAN set out to chart a course with a little more than courage, determination and goodwill. Setting up MR GROUP a firm in the business

Of manufacturing lungies. The vision was clear the objectives being to set up a business entity that upholds quality and good business practices.

Today MR has grown several folds and has established itself as an organization that is catering to international markets but embracing its ideals of quality and ethics firmly. The confidence of our customers and dealers encourages us to expand our marketing network. Export market too is being seriously looked into.

We have satisfied our innovative customers with flourishing trends and this will be a small step towards our destiny. We proudly introduce our selves as the pioneer of Dhalavaipuram for rice, oil, flour, masalas, and garments productions.

Some of our branded varieties are listed below in details for you.

Apart from the listed varieties we posses designs, colors and materials which will quench our customer's style and fashion


“To become a global corporate that understands customer needs and delivers cost-effective products and the best services”

Mr. is chosen by our customers due to a host of unique features
· Range of Products

We Offer many products to our customers depend on their need with affordable price
· Assured Quality

Quality is the first focus of MR. we deliver right product at right time with the assured quality that makes us unique in the market
· Best Service

To be more effective at developing relationships, one should always take time to describe their best customer and analyze their changing needs. Our service provided to assist customers by making superior and correct use of a product is our main strength in all fields.
· Customer Support

50 years in the Indian production field has provided us with a very strong base of very trusted customers. Its time we r becoming into a Mr. Family. Thanks to our customers who stood by us all these year. We are focused on meeting the challenges of business by leveraging our strengths.

A choice of exclusive designs and fully customized modules - allows you to address MR for all specific requirements to suit all desires of any shape and size

Weather-friendly materials used - only the best raw materials are carefully chosen so as to withstand weather conditions like prolonged humidity and fluctuating temperature levels skin types etc.

Excellent fittings - Every product of Mr. Is manufactured and accessorized with top-of -the-line fittings and hardware.

Latest computer designs - 100% care is taken while designing textile to be current and constant updating is done.

Durability & easy maintenance - A combination of UV and PU lacquer finish provides resistance to water stains and heat assures durability and easy maintenance to our product.

Guaranteed - Timely delivery and installation of a fine product.



Our Concern dated its presence in 1958 when Mr.M.RAJENDRAN established Mr. Lungie which dealt with manufacturing lungies WITH 8 LOOMS.


* We stepped in manufacturing masal powder, flours mill.


* Mr. got its new outlook and we started expanding our arms in different industries like huge rice mill unit located in Dhalavaipuram east


We entered the competitive field of dying, by implementing new innovative thoughts; in the name of Mr. dying WORLD and registered ourselves in the minds of the customers.

* Mr. Lungie manufactured and marketed by us registered the brand name Mr. in the hearts of South Indians.


* Mr. Oil mill emerged in new dimension in manufacturing oil and it’s by products managed by our experienced Sales and Marketing Team.


* Mr. fulfilled its desire by enriching the garment Industry with the additional feature of manufacturing inskrits, nightys, chimes, slips, night suits, etc.


* nandini fodder and feed focused on manufacturing rice barn products to cow,goat,cattle,pig,etc by processes like air drying, adding mineral mixtures and expanded its marketing region all over Tamilnadu.


* Mr. Marketing made the best product in inskrits and marketed it throughout Tamilnadu.

* Mr. rice mill manufactured rice with International Standard using Dhopai boiling unit

* We introduced Japanese color sorter in rice processing.


* Mr. production house power loom factory and dying units was certified as an power saver organization

The Office is adequately equipped with all essential communication facilities. Completely automated with computer in every department to meet the growing needs of the company.


Mr. with a well base in fodder industry we got the dealership of KSE PELLETING FEED for our area.


We must maintain and enhance the strength of our global trends, employ the full potential of our multi-channel distribution strategy and take advantage of the efficiency of our supporting infrastructure.

We must continue to stay connected with consumers by investing in our marketing efforts.

We must manage our capital structure with a view towards long term stability and investment in growth opportunities.

And we must tighten our belts to ensure that our operations, processes and work force are primed for maximum productivity and profitability. All of this requires disciplined management, realistic objectives and the willingness to make strong decisions, with things we have.

Nandini fodder feeds

Mr. Known for our consistency, quality and reliability, our products have found use in the edible oil industry, animal feed industry, pet care and animal nutrition industries.

Mr. AIM TO increase its market share in India in rice bran processing sector.

* Innovative procurement practices
* Continuous focus on modernization & technology up gradation
* Continuous efforts to add value to both the finished & the by-products

We test our product in the animal feed analytical and quality control lab, Namakal

Periodically to make sure that we are producing the best.

We also use kemim, virbac, dr nelson, etc product to be scientifically high ended product.


We sell our goods to our customer on credit basis through our direct company representatives to Tamil nadu and through agents all over India. OUR CONCERN had established a strong market for our products in the states TAMILNADU, KERALA, ANDHRA PRADESH, KARNATAKA, MAHARASTRA, MADHYA PRADESH, GUJARAT, ORISSA, WEST BENGAL, BIHAR, JHARKHAND, Andaman and nicobar and ASSAM. We are servicing more than 5000 plus satisfied customers with great care. The payments are made for us through account payee drafts by our customers.

Well experienced professionals in every department carry out efficiently the schedules of sourcing the quality raw material, manufacturing and delivery of the finished goods in time.

Group of companies:

  1. Rajendra Modern Ricemill
  2. Future Trust
  3. Senthil Finance & Shares
  4. Senthil Jewellers & Designs
  5. M.Rajendran Tex
  6. Nandini fodder & feeds
  7. Rajendra Dyeing Factory
  8. Rajendra oil mill
  9. G.Tamilarasi garments
  10. MR. Nest
  11. MR Lungiie
  12. Senthil Fabrics & Fashion
  13. MR Flour plants

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