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#172, Kamaraj Nagar
Rajapalayam Dt

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: 04563 - 244325
Mobile Phone Number: 9443744388, 9442635388


MR now looks ahead employing contemporary technology and practices to a leader in the business.

Yarn Procurement
'Quality begins with the procurement of yarn. MR procures all its requirements directly from mills paying top prices for the best available. '

'The sorted yarn is then sent for dyeing using only 100% FAST colour guaranteed dyes. MR has its own dyeing units with state of art cheese dyeing techniques. '

'Dyeing is a critical cycle and the finished garment exhibits good dyeing techniques. So MR ensure only dyes that guarantee non fading. '

'Kattari is the traditional Tie dye process of yarn that brings about a graded effect in the woven lunghi. '

Weaving Quality
The cornerstone of MR’s saga has been the emphasis on quality. This is evident in every aspect of its business processes.

'The steps taken to prepare the warp for weaving is known as winding the warp. The yarns are wound on a frame called a…


Mr. is the leading & quality manufacturer and successfully extending it's service with 50000 plus satisfied customers in various parts of India.
The lungies marketed in the branded name Mr. enjoys a good market share for years known for its fabric quality, State of art designs and colors.
The lungie (usually pronounced "long-gee" in Bengali) is the most commonly-seen dress of Indian men, although it is not normally worn on formal occasions.

In Tamilnadu, the lungie, generally colorful, and available in varying designs, is worn by both men and women. Physical laborers use it as a working dress

Depending on local tradition; lungies can be worn by men and/or women. They are tied or fastened in various ways, and can be used in different cultural activities, ranging from normal daily life to elaborate wedding ceremonies

MR today has integrated facilities for all processes involved in the manufacture of lungies starting from Procurement of Yarn, Dyeing, weaving parceling…

about MR

Five decades ago Mr.M.RAJENDRAN set out to chart a course with a little more than courage, determination and goodwill. Setting up MR GROUP a firm in the business

Of manufacturing lungies. The vision was clear the objectives being to set up a business entity that upholds quality and good business practices.

Today MR has grown several folds and has established itself as an organization that is catering to international markets but embracing its ideals of quality and ethics firmly. The confidence of our customers and dealers encourages us to expand our marketing network. Export market too is being seriously looked into.

We have satisfied our innovative customers with flourishing trends and this will be a small step towards our destiny. We proudly introduce our selves as the pioneer of Dhalavaipuram for rice, oil, flour, masalas, and garments productions.

Some of our branded varieties are listed below in details for you.

Apart from the listed varieties we posses designs, colors and materi…